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Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) | A Review

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Box

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For the past few years, every Christmas season, Costco has released an amazing product: the Wine Advent Calendar.  This is a large box that contains twenty-four 375ml bottles of various wines with one wine designated for each day of December leading up to Christmas day.  This allows you and your friends/family to be surprised every day with a new wine and sample the various white wines, red wines and even champagne.  It’s a great way to celebrate the season with others as well as sip your way through a great selection of wines.  We personally loved one specific Malbec in the 2020 Costco Wine Advent Calendar (but more of that in a future post).  

Much to our surprise and delight, Costco just released a summer version of their winter Wine Advent Calendar: the “Hello Summer Wine Sampler 2021”.   This is a box of 12 wines: 5 white wines, 4 red wines and 3 rosé wines.  And it is meant to celebrate friends, sun and summer fun!  Some of us (we will not name who) were as giddy as little school girls when we saw stacks of these brightly colored boxes of wine samplers at our local Costco and proceeded to stack our cart with multiple boxes.

See below for our overall review of Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) and stayed tuned for more posts as we’ll be reviewing every single wine in this box. 

What’s the Costco Wine Sampler (2021)?

Boxing / The Outside

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Box

What is included in this wine sampler?

There are twelve different wines in this wine sampler: 5 white wines, 4 red wines and 3 roses wines.

Each of these wines are hidden by a bright blue and summery cover which allows you to be surprised each day when you select a wine from this sampler.

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Cover

If you want a sneak peek of the actual wines included in this sampler and some of their details, continue reading below.  If you don’t want any spoilers, please scroll down past this next section of the blog post to see the rest of our review of this wine sampler.



What specific wines are included in this wine sampler (Spoiler Alert!)?

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Box Side


Costco Summer Wine Sampler Wine second Line Up

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Wine first Line up

Red Wines

1. Crush – 13.2% ABV – Portugal

2. Night Fall – 14.2% ABV – Spain

3. Sweet Red – 12% ABV – Italy

4. Birds on a Wire – 12.5% ABV – Italy


5. Sovereign Virtue -12% ABV – Italy

6. Lilo – 12.1% ABV – Italy

7. Ceu do Norte – 12.1% ABV – Portugal

White Wine

8. Pique-Nique – 11.5% ABV – France

9. Flores de Verao – 12.5 ABV? – Portugal

10. Reflective Wings – 13.1% ABV – Spain

11. El Campeon – 11.6% ABV – Spain

12. Hello Summer – 12% ABV – Italy


End of Spoilers!


Origin of the Wines

The wines in this sampler come from Italy, Spain, Portugal or France.

Alcohol Content

The 12 wines in this sampler range from 11.5%ABV to 14.2% ABV.


The entire box is $49.99.  This translates into around $4.00 per 375ml bottle of wine.  


Find the Hello Summer Wine Sampler at your local Costco.  Like many things at Costco, especially seasonal items like this, they may sell fast.  So run, don’t walk to get this sampler 

What is Costco?

As mentioned on its website, “Costco is a [global] membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise.”  It has a wide selection of merchandise (from clothes to food to books), specialty departments and exclusive member services, all for amazing prices and value especially as it sells products in bulk (we’re looking at you Kirkland 30 rolls of toilet paper).

Costco has a commitment to quality (from their products to their service), a drive for entrepreneurship and its dedication to its employees.  Did I also mention they give out food samples of some of their most tasty products?  For these reasons, especially the samples, we love Costco.

For more information, see more Costco’s company website.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) and rate it a rare 5.0 Stars (out of 5)!

We love Costco. And we love them even more for this “Hello Summer Wine Sampler”.  What a great way to sip and sample 12 different 375ml bottles of red, white and rose wines this summer all for the great price of $49.99 (around $4 per bottle).

Grab a box of these wines and us know what you think about the Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021)


Stay tuned for other posts on our reviews of each of the 12 wines inside this amazing wine sampler!

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