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White Wine

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Reflective Wings Label

Reflective Wings Chardonnay from Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) | A Review

Costco just released their “Hello Summer Wine Sampler 2021”.  This sampler contains 12 unique wines (in perfectly sized 375ml bottles) where one different wine can be sampled each day for 12 days. Today is Day 2 (of 12) of the wine sampling: a white wine from Spain Reflective Wings Chardonnay (2020).  Our team loved this Chardonnay as it had sweet and crisp citrus and apple notes. This wine pairs well with seafood (it was so good with our calamari steak and caper butter sauce), hard cheeses and other salty foods.

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Box

Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) | A Review

To our surprise and delight, celebrate friends, sun and summer fun with Costco’s “Hello Summer Wine Sampler 2021”. This is a box of 12 wines: 5 white wines, 4 red wines and 3 rosé wines. Read more for our overall review of Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) and stayed tuned for more posts as we’ll be reviewing every single wine in this box.

Trader Joe's Honey Moon Viognier Front Label

Trader Joe’s Honey Moon Viognier by Trader Moon Co. | A Review

Summer is practically here, which means barbeques at the beach, picnics at the park and dinners in the backyard. And with all this summer food, you’re going to need a nice white wine that has highlights the sweet and even tropical vibe that summer brings. See our review of Trader Moon Co.’s Honey Moon Viognier (2020).

Trader Joe's Blue Shell Sauvignon Blanc Front Label

Trader Joe’s Blue Shell Sauvignon Blanc

If you’ve been, you can understand when I say that you could probably just live off of the French bread, cheese and wine.  C’est magnifique!  In this post, we were inspired by our love of traveling to France and eating French food.   Below are our thoughts about Trader Joe’s Blue Shell Sauvignon Blanc from the south of France.