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You Brew You

“You brew you”.  A phrase that perfectly defines who we are.  We love coffee.  We love tea.  We love beer.  We love wine.  We love all things brewed and fermented. 

And these drinks and stories are best when shared with others.

I mean, if you’re on this page reading, then you probably already know that.  And we’re willing to bet that you love coffee, tea, beer & wine too, or at least want to learn.  You have come to the right place.

In regards to coffee, we are huge advocates of what is commonly known as third wave coffee.  Especially as a beginner, getting started can be intimidating, so we want to help make it easy and accessible for you to get the most out of your cup.
While we focus primarily on black coffee without additives for a variety of reasons, if you like some milk, creamer, or whatever else in your coffee, go ahead!  Everyone’s preferences and palates are different and we have resources for you too.

We want to be a learning and teaching resource.  That is, we hope you learn something from us and we’re always eager to learn something new ourselves.  

Whether you are just getting started on your coffee, tea, beer and/or wine journey or are a seasoned veteran, we are excited to have you here.


Jennifer Eglin

I have twelve years in the coffee industry.

I hung up my name tag to raise a family and take to the internet to teach ya’ll about everything I know.

I began working through college.

I was going for a business degree, and I didn’t know how invaluable that would become later.

I worked 48 hours per week while attending five classes, and I think the only thing that kept me afloat was the half-price discount on lattes. But that’s another story.

I continued to work in coffee after getting out of college.

No, not as a barista—I went back to manage the same franchise of coffee houses that helped me pay my way through college (well, the tips paid more, but you get the idea).

Then I worked for eight years managing everything from training to machine maintenance, and everything in between.

I stopped being a general manager to come home and begin my family, and now I’m spreading my industry knowledge (and love of coffee) right here on Coastline Brew.

My goal here is to make sure you have everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee.

I’ll be doing reviews on coffee machines and K-cup pods, talking about various brewing methods, and guiding you through the steps you need to make better coffee all the time.

Ben Lee

I am a convert. 

When I was younger and more naive, I thought tea was just herb-y grass water, coffee was glorified brown bean juice, beer was reminiscent of vomit, and wine was a waste of money.

I’ve since matured and my eyes have been opened to the wonders of all drinks brewed and fermented.  

Tea is not only a healthy drink, but a soothing, versatile, go-to treat for any time of the day and for any occasion.  

Each cup of coffee has a rich story behind it, starting from the origins as a coffee bean to the very intentional and specific brewing processes.  

Beer and wine are worthy investments to partake in as the varied nuances and rich flavors make for unique experiences that are better with friends and family.

Brewed drinks were (and are) a revelation.

Join me in this adventure as we explore and appreciate the world of coffee, tea, beer & wine!

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