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Trader Joe’s “Love, Olivia” Watermelon and Peach Flavored Wines

Trader Joe's Love, Olivia Wine

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It’s a not-so hidden secret that Trader Joe’s is the go-to destination for not just groceries but also unique treats and high-quality, low-cost wine and spirits.

In our latest visit to our local Trader Joe’s (“TJ’s” as we affectionately call it), one of the endcaps (i.e. a product display at the end of a grocery store aisle) caught our eye: stacks of floral colored flavored wines that seemed perfect for a picnic or afternoon hangout with friends.  With summer right around the corner and the weather getting warmer, it seemed like a perfect idea for us to try these: Love, Olivia’s Watermelon Flavored Wine and Love, Olivia’s Peach Flavored Wine.

Trader Joe’s

Just in case you’ve never heard of Trader Joe’s, it’s a magical boutique grocery store chain, with stores across America.

Founded in Pasadena, California by Joe Coulombe in the 1960’s, Trader Joe’s was opened to provide high-quality, unique specialty goods at inexpensive prices.  Its cannot-be-missed Pacific/South-Seas store decor is inspired by the Tiki culture as well as is said to be irreverently inspired by the Beverly Hills restaurant Trader Vic’s (i.e. an expensive Tiki-themed restaurant at the time).

Since then, Trader Joe’s has had a cult-following, as there is always something new and delicious to try.  It also helps that the staff is always friendly and helpful, willing to go the extra mile to keep the stores clean and give tips on how to cook food or what to pair your wine with.  Suffice to say, if you haven’t been to Trader Joe’s….run, don’t walk.

Our Review of Trader Joe’s “Love, Olivia” Watermelon Flavored Wine

In this review, we focused on the Love, Olivia Watermelon flavored wine.  There are two flavors available though: Watermelon and Peach.

Trader Joe's Love, Olivia Wine held up

Type of Wine

This is a flavored grape wine.



Alcohol content

In this 750ml wine bottle, it has a 8% alcohol content.  The peach flavored wine has a 7.5% alcohol content.


Trader Joe's Love, Olivia Wine on Picnic Blanket
Perfect for a picnic!

This flavored wine is contained in a 750ml bottle that gives you a glimpse of the wine’s color (i.e. light pink for watermelon and a light orange for peach).  The labeling is clean-looking and elegant, prominently displaying the fruit flavor and the “Love, Olivia” branding.


The wine should be chilled before serving.  This enables the wine to be refreshing, perfect for you and your friends to enjoy on a warm day outside.

Additionally, because of the nature of this wine and its sweetness (see below for our review of its taste), as recommended by our friends at Trader Joe’s, this would make for a perfect addition to Sangria or other fruit-infused drinks.  We added fresh blueberries to our glass of Watermelon wine and it was a simple way to add more dimension and flavor.  We also loved this as part of a Spritzer: we added one-part Love, Olivia Watermelon wine to two parts sparkling water and it was an amazing and refreshing fizzy buzzed drink.


“Love, Olivia”‘s Watermelon wine is very fragrant, smelling like fresh fruits.   To some of our testers, it also was a little reminiscent of the scent of fruit punch, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the person.


This wine is very sweet, giving off light flavors of Watermelon.  Additionally, there is no bitter or artificial after-taste, which sometimes you get with flavored wines.  When this drink is chilled, it can make for a refreshing experience. 

Please note that this wine has a taste that is closer to juice and less like the wines that you might taste test at a vineyard.  But that’s ok, as there’s room in our hearts for all kinds of drinks.  If this is too sweet for your taste, we recommend adding this to a Sangria or diluting it with some sparkling water to make a spritzer.


Each bottle of wine was $3.99.  I mean…you can’t beat the price.


This can be found at your local Trader Joe’s (check here for store locations).  Like many things at Trader Joe’s though, items come in and out of stock and usually sell fast if they’re good and unique. We weren’t joking when we said “run, don’t walk”.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Trader Joe’s Love, Olivia Watermelon Flavored Wine and Love, Olivia Peach Flavored Wine and rate it 4.0 Stars (out of 5)!

To be clear, this is no dinner wine that you might serve when your boss comes over for a meal, but it does not need to be nor come off like that.  This drink is refreshing and nice sip on during a hot summer day spent with friends.  It also can be used as an ingredient to enhance a fruit-infused drink like Sangria or Spritzer.  This afternoon apertif quenches your thirst, all the while giving you a little buzz.

The price cannot be beat either: for $3.99 a bottle, its definitely worth a try and worth it in value. Just make sure to get down to your Trader Joe’s soon, as these type of deals and product availability go fast.

Check out Trader Joe’s Love, Olivia Watermelon Flavored Wine and Love, Olivia Peach Flavored Wine and let us know what you think.


This is one post in a series where we’ll be reviewing wines from Trader Joe’s.  Be sure to check our site for more wines!

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