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Verve Coffee Roasters: A Review (and not-so-secret best study spot)

Verve Coffee Cup

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We’re always on the hunt for the best coffee.  But when we found Verve Coffee Roasters, we found that and so much more.  Read more to learn more about this award-winning coffee company and how its one of favorite places to hangout.

Who Is Verve Coffee Roasters?

From farm to your coffee cup (what Verve calls “Farmlevel to Streetlevel”), Verve Coffee Roasters is all about sourcing the very best coffee in the world.  Its their passion.   What this means is that they are dedicated to their craft, quality and relationships.  This is seen through how Verve sources its coffee and its emphasis on building relationships based on fairness, equitability and inclusivity.

This is also reflected in Verve’s product as it has been recognized with various awards: Verve earned the highest score in the coffee category at the Good Food Awards in 2013 and was also named one of the top coffee roasters in the United States by multiple publications: Thrillist, Complex Magazine, Food Republic and more.   In 2018, Verve won the Best Espresso at the Coffee Spot Awards.

Verve Coffee was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2007 by Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan.  Today, Verve has both an robust online presence (you can buy their coffee, coffee subscriptions and more!) as well as 11 brick-and-mortar cafes across the US and Japan.

Verve Drink Outside   


Thank the maker because Verve has multiple locations: in four major metropolitan areas in California, USA (i.e. San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles) as well as several areas in Japan.

When we’re in the Los Angeles area, our favorite location is at Verve’s Art District Location.  You can see this beautiful location in the picture below.

Check out Verve’s website here for more details on these and future locations.


Why we love it

Verve Los Angeles Atmosphere

The Coffee

It’s no wonder Verve has earned multiple awards for its coffee.  We tried multiple coffee products, from its Nitro Flash cold brew to a specialty drink called the “Missile” (it’s Coffee concentrate, cream, and housemade syrup served over ice).  All were hits.  Although I have to say the two aforementioned drinks are my go-to’s.

If you want to bring some coffee beans home and/or want to get a sample of what Verve has, you can order online through Verve’s website and/or even get a Verve subscription here.

Side note: Aside from Coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters also serves various teas.  They do also have mean Matcha Latte.

Pro Tip: Verve Coffee Roasters has a not-so-secret menu where they release seasonal items.  These items might not be advertised in-store, but be sure to ask or check online for the latest specialty drinks.  Because it’s fall and everyone is doing it, Verve has their own version of a Pumpkin coffee drink: The Pumpkin Pie Latte.  One of our editors tried it and all they had to say was: “Move aside Starbucks!”

For the full drink menu by location, check out Verve’s website.  You can even order ahead!

Single Verve Coffee Cup

The Atmosphere

Hip, relaxed and beautiful.  Each Verve Coffee Roasters location has a very local, organic, and clean vibe, with Scandinavian, Japanese and coastal aesthetics.  It’s no wonder you can easily take a load off at Verve and enjoy your surroundings and the people-watching.  At the Art’s District location (the location we have frequented the most), they have a magnificent indoor two-story location where you can see coffee beans roasting while you sipping your drink at beautiful white oak tables.  My secret spot though is the outdoor area with tables & chairs under the shade of a sprawling tree.  This is my secret/not-so-secret study/work/hangout place.  Don’t share this with too many people…this secret is just between you and us. 😉

The Food

We went to Verve Coffee Roasters for the coffee, but ended up ordering from their food and take-out menu as well.   It’s not wonder why you usually see people at Verve with coffee in hand along with a Acai Bowl or a breakfast sandwich.  I’ve had the Acai bowl multiple times and it’s fresh, bright and generous portions (see the image taken right before I inhaled the entire bowl).

If you are not able to eat at Verve, there is also a very convenient take-out menu.  We’ve tried multiple items like the Coconut Chia Seed Pudding.

For the full food menu by location, check out Verve’s website.  You can even order ahead!

Verve Coffee and Acai Bowl

The Bottom Line

Verve Coffee Roasters is a 5.0 Stars (out of 5).  Try the drinks, try the food and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at each of Verve’s locations.

If you’re ever in California or Japan, make a stop at one of locations of Verve Coffee Roasters.   And if you’re not close to a Verve brick-and-mortar, check out their website


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