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TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea | A Review

Jasmine Flower in a Cup

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This is part of the ongoing series about TWG Teas.  Read Part 1.

Green Teas are so cool.  They’re like the popular kids in high school.  Matcha Green Tea is one of the leaders, known by all and loved by most.  Sencha is another notable member of the Green Teas as its just as relevant and adored, especially in Japan.  Genmaicha, Chunmee and Hojicha (among others) are also part of the Green Tea gang.

And then there’s Jasmine Tea.  If she were in high school, she’d be a “floater:” she would usually be hanging out with the Green Teas, but could bounce around to the other tea “cliques.”  Jasmine Tea typically is a Green Tea, but can be mixed with Black and White tea.

Jasmine Tea’s popularity is widespread, just like it’s other Tea peers.  As a result, I’m sure you and I are no strangers to it as we have drank it many times.  I’ve had it as a hot beverage, cold beverage, in a boba milk tea drink and even in a cake!  Yet, some of my experiences have definitely been better than others.  The not-so-great encounters with Jasmine tea was when it tasted diluted or artificial (i.e. a plastic-like flavor – yuck!).

Knowing a little bit about TWG Tea and its quality (note: for more information about TWG Tea, we wrote more about this company and their products here), I had to see how its version of Jasmine Tea (called “Grand Jasmine Tea”) measured up to other Green Teas and versions of Jasmine Tea.

Our Review of TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea


TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea is a green tea from China.  This gem of a tea is blended with jasmine blossoms resulting in a classic jasmine floral scent with outstanding elegant taste.

Type of Tea

Green Tea

Country of Origin

This green tea is from China.

Ease Of Use & Preparation

I have the individual TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine tea bags (not the loose leaf form).  As a result, it was simple for me to open one packet and prepare a nice pot of tea.

We followed the instructions that TWG Tea provided to make this hot tea (there are also specific instructions provided by TWG Tea to make Iced Tea).

We boiled water and prepared enough for a small pot of tea.  Using one packet of the “Grand Jasmine Tea”, we infused it for 4-5 minutes and served it hot.


TWG Tea's Grand Jasmine Tea

The tea bag is situated in a royal green tea packet, labeled with the TWG Tea brand and elegant fonts.  The tea bag itself is made of a high-quality translucent material that gives you a glimpse of the dark green tea leaves inside.  A useful and equally beautiful tag is appended to end of each tea bag string, which serves as a way to indicate what tea is being brewed.

When brewed, a light green/yellow shade of tea is produced.


TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea does not shortchange you on the classic and pure aroma of the Jasmine flower.  As you steep your tea, classic Jasmine floral notes fill the room.  One immediately recognizes this distinctly sweet yet light Jasmine fragrance.  And still, it does not overwhelm and stuff up the environment.  It rather is enough to incent one to take a sip of this fine Green tea.


Like it’s aroma, the flavor of TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea is exactly what an authentic Jasmine Green Tea should be.  When I had this tea hot, it was a beautiful symphony of light, sweet and floral notes.

Please note that this Green Tea is also caffeinated.  So for those with caffeine sensitivity (like me), it was wise to not drink this after 3pm in the afternoon.


As low as $20 USD for 15 tea bags.


This tea is available in two forms:

  1. Loose Leaf Format
  2. Teabags (with instructions for Iced Tea)

Additionally to its official website, TWG Tea sells its teas at various fine retailers as well as in its own brick-and-mortar locations.  Unfortunately, there is only one of these TWG Tea boutiques in North America: in Canada.

TWG Tea is available on sites like Amazon.


The Bottom Line

We recommend TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea and rate it 4.0 Stars (out of 5)!

TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea is high quality (like TWG Tea’s other tea blends), resulting in an authentically pure and sweet Jasmine flavor experience. There is a higher price tag for these tea leaves (compared to what you can probably find at your local grocery store), but you definitely get what you pay for.  And I can guarantee that TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea is worth it (say no to cheap diluted Jasmine teas!). 

Get TWG Tea’s Grand Jasmine Tea and let us know what you think!


This is part of a series of posts where we’ll be reviewing various TWG Teas.  Be sure to check back in for more!

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