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TWG Tea’s Vanilla Bourbon Tea | A Review

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When I think about tea, the first things that come to mind are the classic “black tea” or “green tea” variants (i.e. the “Beyonce”s and “Rihanna”s of the tea world).

It was not until I traveled to the magical city-state of Singapore where my eyes were opened to a much bigger world of tea.  And in this world, it was “red tea” that took center stage.

As someone who can appreciate the occasional alcoholic beverage as well as loves the sweet smells of vanilla (especially when it wafts through the air with freshly baked goods), I was immediately interested in these red-colored tea packets which read: “TWG Tea 1837: Vanilla Bourbon Tea”.  My interest was piqued and I had to try this red tea.


For context, let’s start with TWG Tea, the company who created this “Vanilla Bourbon Tea” combination.  TWG Tea is a fine luxury tea brand that has become synonymous with quality, elegance and innovation.  It has one of the largest tea collections, with over 800 unique and exclusive tea blends from all over the world.  Based in Singapore, TWG Tea celebrates tea’s Asian origins, embraces European tea traditions, and creates new tea combinations that are fresh and original.  TWG Tea is able to do this as they sample and survey the globe for unique flavors and ingredients.  In addition, even as TWG Tea specializes in teas, it has has beautifully fragrant candles, elegant tea accessories and equally delicious food items.   It’s safe to say, you’re in for a truly amazing experience when you try any of TWG Tea’s products.

Singapore Supertrees
Singapore, the home of TWG Tea and the most magical city on Earth

Our Review of TWG Tea’s Vanilla Bourbon Tea

TWG Tea’s Vanilla Bourbon Tea is a red tea from South Africa.  The tea is blended with vanilla, and as a result, provides a wonderful aroma and flavor combination that satisfies anyone who drinks it.

Type of Tea

Red Tea

Country of Origin

This red tea is from South Africa.

Ease Of Use & Preparation

We followed the instructions that TWG Tea provided to make this tea. We boiled water and prepared enough for a small pot of tea.  Using one packet of the “Vanilla Bourbon Tea”, we infused it for 5-7 minutes and served it hot.  This tea can also be served cold with ice (which is equally as good by the way!).


TWG Tea's Vanilla Bourbon Tea

TWG Tea’s Vanilla Bourbon tea bags cannot be missed.  They are individually wrapped in a bright red (or yellow) packet, with an elegant font that majestically reminds you of the goodness that lies within.  The tea bag itself is made of a high-quality translucent material that gives you a glimpse of the red tea leaves.  A very useful and equally beautiful tag is appended to end of each tea bag string, which serves as a way to indicate what tea is being brewed.

When brewed, a unique red flavored tea results, mirroring the beautiful packaging and reminiscent of the classic shade of bourbon.


Upon the first rip of the tea packet, you can instantly smell the strong sweet fragrance of the Vanilla Bourbon tea. When you take a little bit more time to take in more of the scent, the boozy smell of Bourbon appears.  This olfactory experience continues onto the steeping of the tea to your final sip.

Even though I usually do not typically prefer strong scents, I was not bothered by this tea.  It reminded me of a freshly baked dessert with bourbon as a chaser (which actually sounds pretty good right now).

Additionally, the “boozy” aroma of the drink made me feel like I was indulging in a fine glass of Bourbon in the morning, without the guilt of drinking before noon.  It was the best of all worlds.


Even though the smell of the tea is powerful, this pairs well with its smooth and subtle flavor.  There is no dryness or bite in this tea.  This combination of strong aroma with a mild flavor is a signal of the finesse of TWG Tea and the quality of this product.

Additionally, this red tea is not caffeinated, which adds to its versatility in when one can drink this tea (especially if you’re more sensitive to caffeine, like me).  I really appreciate this – I can drink this day or night.


As low as $20 USD for 15 tea bags.


TWG Tea sells its fine goods at various fine retailers as well as in its own brick-and-mortar locations.  Unfortunately, there is only one of these TWG Tea boutiques in North America: in Canada.

TWG Tea is available on its official website as well as sites like Amazon.

Red Tea & Kettle

The Bottom Line

We recommend TWG Tea’s Vanilla Bourbon Tea and rate it 4.5 Stars (out of 5)!

The unique flavor combination of Vanilla and Bourbon with usage of high quality ingredients really make this tea stand out and get high marks.

The Vanilla Bourbon red tea is not caffeinated and makes for a great warm or cold tea at any time of day. This tea does has a stronger aroma than other teas, and so if you want a punchier tea with the sweetness of Vanilla and a little hint of bourbon, this is for you. 

TWG teas can be hard to find if you’re in America and so if you get a chance to purchase this Vanilla Bourbon tea (or any other TWG tea), take advantage of the opportunity. So even though it is $20 USD for 15 tea bags (not including shipping), it is well worth it.

But don’t take our word for it, check out TWG’s Vanilla Bourbon Tea and let us know what you think!


This is the first post of a series where we’ll be reviewing various TWG Teas.  Be sure to check back in for more!

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