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Ceu Do Norte Rose from Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2023) | A Review

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Ceu Do Norte Rose

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Costco just released their “Hello Summer Wine Sampler 2021” which contains 12 unique wines (each in a 375ml bottle).  Today is Day 3 (of 12) of the wine sampler where we tried a rose wine from Portugal Ceu Do Norte Rose (2020).  Translated from Portuguese, Ceu Do Norte means “Northern Sky”.

See below for our thoughts on Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021)’s Ceu Do Norte Rose (2020). 

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Ceu Do Norte Rose Front Label 

What’s the Costco Wine Sampler (2021)?

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Box

Meant to celebrate friends, sun and summer fun, Costco’s “Hello Summer Wine Sampler 2021” contains 12 wines: 5 white wines, 4 red wines and 3 rosé wines.  See the link below for more details about this amazing wine sampler.

Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) | A Review

Our Review of the Ceu Do Norte Rose (2020)

Type of Wine

This 2020 rose is made from 20% Castelao and 80% Aragonez.


This rose comes from Portugal.

Alcohol Content

 12.1% ABV.

How and when to drink / taste

As mentioned on its label, this rose has “raspberry and cherry on the palate followed by minerals and herbs on the finish.”

When our team tasted this rose it had a sweet flavor with a light sour nuance (something you would expect when tasting berries or grapefruit). 

Costco mentions that this wine would pair nicely with “duck confit, poached salmon, mushroom ravioli, seared tuna, savory onion tart, nutty cow’s cheese.”  We drank this wine with a Mediterranean-themed dinner: feta cheese, creamy tzatziki sauce, falafels, pita bread among other things.  The salty and creaminess of the food went nicely with the sweet, sour and mineral notes of this rose.

Costco Summer Wine Sampler Ceu Do Norte Rose Back Label


The Costco’s Hello Wine Sampler (2021) is is $49.99.  This translates into around $4.00 per 375ml bottle of wine.  


To our knowledge, one cannot buy this wine outside of the Costco wine sampler (let us know in the comments if you find out otherwise though). As a result, if you want to try this wine, buy the Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) at your local Costco

What is Costco?

“Costco is a [global] membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise” (as mentioned on the official company website).  It has a wide selection of merchandise (from clothes to food to books), specialty departments and exclusive member services, all for amazing prices and value especially as it sells products in bulk (we’re looking at you Kirkland 30 rolls of toilet paper).  For more information, see more Costco’s company website.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Ceu Do Norte Rose (2020) from Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) and rate it 4.0 Stars (out of 5)!

This rose has raspberry and cherry notes, resulting in a sweet flavor with a light sour nuance.  This blended wine pairs nicely with various seafood (e.g. salmon, tuna) and creamy or savory dishes.

Grab a box of Costco’s Hello Summer Wine Sampler (2021) and let us know what you think about the Ceu Do Norte Rose (2020)


Stay tuned for other posts on our reviews of each of the 12 wines inside Costco’s Hello Wine Sampler (2021)!

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