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Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir

Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir in a glass

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With the days getting warmer, some of us recently made the trek to the wine mecca of Napa, California.  Not only is Napa a premiere wine destination, but also is known for its spectacular food and incomparable scenery.  When we visit Napa, we have our favorite go-to spots, with one of them being the Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch.  It is a restaurant, general store and farmer’s market all nestled within a picture-perfect modern farm setting.  While grabbing a bite outside the beautifully appointed farmhouse, we tried the Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir (2019).  Below are our thoughts on this Rose.

Our Review of Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir (2019)

Type of Wine

This Rose is made from Pinot Noir grapes.


Produced by Long Meadow Ranch in the Anderson Valley, California, United States of America.

What is Long Meadow Ranch?

Long Meadow Ranch is a family-owned business that uses organic and sustainable farming methods to create the finest of wines.  Long Meadow Ranch has 5 properties in California, three in Napa Valley, one in Anderson Valley, one in West Marin.  One of its locations is the Farmstead, located in the beautiful town of St. Helena, where one can enjoy seasonal dishes and wines produced by Long Meadow Ranch in a picturesque modern farm setting.  We highly recommend visiting the Farmstead as well as Long Meadow Ranch; it’s an experience that your taste buds and your other senses will thank you for!

Alcohol Content

13% ABV


Long Meadow Ranch Rose Pinot Noir and Carafe

This clear, light pink/orange Rose was served at our table in a wine carafe.  When bottled though, it comes in a clear corked wine bottle.

How and when to drink / Taste

Long Meadow Ranch says that this rose has a “light pink color…shaded with a salmon hue that shows the delicate character of the wine. On the nose, the perfumes are intense – it’s floral and spicy at first then opens toward a delicate strawberry and citrusy notes. The palate is dense and lively with intermixing spice, floral, and again small strawberry tones. Clean and focused on the finish, a clear appeal for the next glass.”

When we tried this wine, it had a dry, crisp and floral taste; and for some of us, we definitely could taste the strong citrus notes.  As a result, this paired well with the fresh local green garden salad (that had sweet apples and a light vinaigrette) and cheese plate we ordered for the table (see picture below). 

Long Meadow Ranch Food Pairings


One 750ml bottle of this Rose is $26.00 on Long Meadow Ranch’s website; similar prices for the full bottle of wine are found from other retailers as well.  When served tableside at the Farmstead, a glass is $14 with a 750ml Carafe for $68.


Find Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir at Long Meadow Ranch’s brick-and-mortar location as well as on its website.

We’ve also seen this available at other online merchants for similar prices.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir (2019) and rate it 4.5 Stars (out of 5)!

Maybe it was the magic of Napa, the wonderful food pairing, the actual wine itself, or maybe all of the above: this dry, crisp and floral Rose had us singing its praises during and after our experience at Long Meadow Ranch.  It was refreshing, balanced, and a great pairing for our lunch.

If you’re in the neighborhood, go visit Long Meadow Ranch and try its Rose of Pinot Noir.  If you can’t make it to St. Helena any time soon, order it online, have it during a nice meal and let us know what you think about the Long Meadow Ranch Rose of Pinot Noir (2019).


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