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TWG Tea’s English Breakfast Tea | A Review

TWG Tea's English Breakfast Tea

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This is part of the ongoing series about TWG Teas.  Read Part 1 and Part 2.

When one thinks of tea, oftentimes the first things that come to mind are imagery of England, tea time and fine china.   This is because to British and many others, tea is central to the lives of the every day person.  Tea is cultural.  Tea is an experience. 

It’s no wonder then that TWG Tea has a specific tea blend called “English Breakfast Tea”.  A tea that references a country that loves its tea as well as dedicated to one of the best meals of the day.  And who doesn’t love to start their day with a great thing, like TWG Tea?

See below for our review of TWG Tea and their English Breakfast Tea.

Our Review of TWG Tea’s English Breakfast Tea

Type of Tea

Black Tea

Country of Origin

TWG Tea created this black tea blend from India, Himalayas & Nepal.

What is TWG Tea?

TWG Tea is a fine luxury tea brand that has become synonymous with quality, elegance and innovation.  It has one of the largest tea collections, with over 800 unique and exclusive tea blends from all over the world.  Based in Singapore, TWG Tea celebrates tea’s Asian origins, embraces European tea traditions, and creates new tea combinations that are fresh and original.  TWG Tea is able to do this as they sample and survey the globe for unique flavors and ingredients.  It’s safe to say, you’re in for a truly amazing experience when you try any of TWG Tea’s products.

Ease Of Use & Preparation

We followed the instructions that TWG Tea provided to make this hot tea. We boiled water and prepared enough for a small pot of tea.  Using one packet of the “English Breakfast Tea”, we infused it for 5-7 minutes in a teapot and served it hot.


The tea bag is situated in a black tea packet, labeled with the TWG Tea brand and elegant fonts.  The tea bag itself is made of a high-quality translucent material that gives you a glimpse of the tea leaves inside.  

When brewed, a darker brown/orange shade of tea, classic to black teas, is produced.


This black tea has a strong, bold and full-bodied flavor.  Even so, it is a smooth and drinkable with floral nuances.  There is no grassy or vegetal taste, which signals how this TWG tea is a high-quality.  As a result, this tea pairs well with and can stand up to a scone with jam or a tea cookies.

Please note that Black Tea is caffeinated, so for those with caffeine sensitivity (like me), its probably wise to not drink this after 3pm in the afternoon.


As low as $20 USD for 15 tea bags.


This tea is available in two forms:

  1. Loose Leaf Format
  2. Teabags 

Additionally to its official website, TWG Tea sells its teas at various fine retailers as well as in its own brick-and-mortar locations.  Unfortunately, there is only one of these TWG Tea boutiques in North America: in Canada.

TWG Tea is available on sites like Amazon.

The Bottom Line

We recommend TWG Tea’s English Breakfast Tea and rate it 4.0 Stars (out of 5)!

This black tea is perfect for an English breakfast, or any breakfast.  With its strong and bold flavors and high drinkability, it pairs well with a balanced breakfast that includes toast or scones.  It may even make you even hold your tea cup with your pinky finger up.

Get TWG Tea’s English Breakfast Tea and let us know what you think!


This is part of a series of posts where we’ll be reviewing various TWG Teas.  Be sure to check back in for more!

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